Continental 2000-2002

Instrument Cluster


Fedreral law requires that the odometer in any replacement speedometer must register the same mileage as that registered on the removed speedometer/odometer. Service replacement speedometer/odometer and odometer modules with the mileage preset to actual vehicle mileage are available through Ford Electronic service centers. In nearly all instances, the mileage continues to accumulate in the odometer memory even if the odometer does not display mileage. This mileage can usually be verified by the electronic service centers. Contact the service center for instructions to receive a replacement speed meter/odometer or odometer module with the mileage preset to actual mileage.

If the actual vehicle mileage cannot be certified, the service center will supply a speedometer/odometer module with the odometer/display preset to zero miles ("0") miles and the service odometer segment ("s") illuminated in the vicinity of the odometer display. In addition, an odometer mileage sticker is supplied with the replacement odometer. This sticker must display the estimated vehicle mileage and is to be affixed to the driver's door.

Removal & Installation

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Turn the ignition switch to RUN and move the transmission range selector lever to low position. Turn the ignition OFF.
  5. Remove the radio front control unit using the special radio tools.
  7. Remove the two lower screws, then unsnap, and remove the instrument panel lower cover.
  9. Unsnap and remove the driver's side and passenger side instrument panel center wood grain trim moulding.
  11. Remove the plush pins, disconnect the courtesy lamp socket an remove the instrument panel insulator.
  13. Remove the three screws, then unsnap, and remove he instrument panel steering column cover.
  15. Remove the five screws and remove the instrument panel brace.
  17. Loosen the steering column retaining nuts and lower the steering column.
  19. Protect the upper bowl of the steering column trim with cloth or tape to avoid scratches during the instrument cluster removal.
  21. Remove he five screws retaining the instrument panel finish panel, then remove the instrument panel finish panel.
  23. Remove the six screws retaining the instrument cluster to the instrument panel.
  25. Pull the driver's side of the instrument cluster forward and disconnect the two electrical connectors at the rear of the instrument cluster.
  27. On column shift models, disconnect the transmission range indicator assembly. Remove the instrument cluster.

To install:

  1. Installlation is the reversal of the removal procedure.