Continental 2000-2002

Evacuating the System


Read and follow all of the Warnings, Cautions and Notes in the Precautions at the beginning of this section before continuing.

Ford Motor Company recommends use of an A/C service center to carry out recovery, evacuation, and charging of the refrigerant system. If an A/C service center is not available, refrigerant system recovery, evacuation, and charging may be accomplished using a separate recovery station, vacuum pump, charging cylinder, and manifold gauge set.

  1. Connect an R-134a service center to the low- and high-pressure service gauge port valves.
  3. Evacuate the system until the low-pressure gauge reads at least 29.5 in. Hg (99.4 kPa) of vacuum and as close to 30 in. Hg (101.1 kPa) as possible. Continue to operate the vacuum pump for a minimum of 45 minutes.
  5. Turn off the vacuum pump. Observe the low-pressure gauge for five minutes to make sure that the system vacuum is held. If vacuum is not held for five minutes, leak test the system, service the leak, and evacuate the system again.