Continental 2000-2002

Pushing & Towing The Vehicle


Preparatory Steps

Turn the air suspension switch to the off position. If this is not possible, disconnect the power supply to the air suspension system by disconnecting the negative battery cable. Turning the key to the off position does not disable the air suspension.
Release the parking brake, and place the transmission (transaxle) in N . As a rule, vehicles should be towed with the driving wheels off the ground. If the vehicle is to be towed on its drive wheels, the transmission (transaxle) and the differential must be operable. When towed in this manner, do not exceed 35 mph or go farther than 50 miles, or transmission damage may result.
If the transmission or differential is inoperable, or the speed and distance requirement stated cannot be adhered to, place the wheels on a dolly.
When a vehicle is towed on its front wheels, the steering wheel must be clamped in the straight-ahead position with a steering wheel clamping device designed for towing service use, such as those provided by towing system manufacturers. Do not rely on the steering column lock to lock the wheels in the straight-ahead position.