Continental 2000-2002

Vehicle Certification Label


The upper portion of the Vehicle Certification (VC) label contains the manufacture name, the month and year of manufacture, the certification statement and the VIN. It also includes the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). The VC label is located on the left-hand front door jamb.

The VC breakdown, as shown on the accompanying illustration, is as follows:

1 - Exterior paint color code
2 - Region code
3 - Special order code
4 - Brake type code
5 - Interior trim code
6 - Tape/paint stripe code
7 - Radio type code
8 - Axle ratio code
9 - Transmission code
10 - Spring code
11 - Powertrain calibration code

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Fig. The Vehicle Certification (VC) label is found on the left-hand front door jamb