Corvette 2005-2008

Fuel Rail (Supply Manifold) & Injectors


Removal & Installation

  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions section.
  3. Relieve the fuel system pressure.
  5. Remove or disconnect the following:

    Negative battery cable
    Both fuel rail covers
    Fuel feed hose from the fuel rail
    Fuel injector electrical connectors and identify the connectors to ensure the proper sequential firing order during reassembly
    Fuel rail ground strap from the intake manifold, note location
    Fuel rail
    Spread the injector clip to release the injector from the fuel rail
    Fuel injector
    Injector O-ring seals from both ends and discard them


To install:

The fuel injector is stamped with a part number identification, manufacturing date, week code and plant number. Make certain the correct injector is ordered when replacing them.

  1. Lubricate the new injector seals with clean engine oil.
  3. Install or connect the following:
    The fuel rail stop bracket must be installed onto the engine. The bracket serves as protection for the fuel rail in the event of a frontal crash. If the bracket is not installed, fuel could spray possibly causing a fire and personal injury.

    New O-ring seals to the injectors
    New retainer clip on the injector
    Fuel injector into the fuel rail socket facing outward

    Fuel rail and ground strap to the intake manifold. Torque the fuel rail; attaching bolts to 89 inch lbs. (10 Nm)
    Electrical connectors to the injectors
    Fuel feed hose to the fuel rail
    Negative battery cable
    Left and right fuel rail covers

  5. Turn the ignition ON for 2 seconds, OFF for 10 seconds, then ON again and inspect the system for leaks.