Crossfire, 2004-2005

Accessory Drive Belts



The accessory drive belt is automatically adjusted by the non-adjustable tensioner.

Belt Tension Inspection

Belt replacement is necessary for any or all of the following conditions:

Excessive wear
Frayed cords
Severe glazing

The accessory drive belt may develop minor cracks across the ribbed side (1) due to reverse bending. These minor cracks are considered normal and acceptable. Parallel cracks (2) are not considered normal and should be cause for belt replacement.

Do not use any type of belt dressing or restorer on the accessory drive belt.

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Fig. Inspect belt for cracks parallel (2) to the ribs

Drive Belt Routings

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Fig. Accessory drive belt routing: Crankshaft (1), A/C compressor (2), Power steering pump (3) Idler Pulley (4), Alternator (5), Water pump (6) and Tensioner (7)-except SRT

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