Crossfire 2006-2008

Lower Control Arms


Removal & Installation

  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions Section.
  3. Remove or disconnect the following:

    Front wheel
    Coil spring
    Lower shock bolt
    Stabilizer bar clamp
    Lower ball joint nuts
    Press ball joint out of steering knuckle using special tool 9168 or equivalent puller
    Lower control arm bolts
    Lower control arm


To install:

  1. Install or connect the following:

    Lower control arm. Tighten the bolts to the frame to 88 ft. lbs. (120 Nm).
    Lower control arm to steering knuckle lower ball joint. Tighten the nut to 33 ft. lbs. (45 Nm).
    Stabilizer bar clamp. Tighten the nuts to 15 ft. lbs. (20 Nm).
    Lower shock bolt. Tighten the nut to 41 ft. lbs. (55 Nm).
    Coil spring
    Front wheel