Dakota, 2001-2005

Power Steering Pump


The power steering pumps are constant flow rate and displacement, vane type pumps. The pump shaft has a pressed-on pulley that is belt driven by the crankshaft pulley.

Trailer tow option vehicles are equipped with a power steering pump oil cooler. The oil cooler is mounted to the radiator support on 2.5L. On 3.9L and 5.9L the oil cooler is mounted to the engine block.

On the 3.9L and 4.7L the oil cooler is mounted to the power steering pump.

Power steering pumps are not interchangeable with pumps installed on other vehicles.

Use MOPAR®Power Steering Fluid or equivalent in 2001 or earlier models; do not use automatic transmission fluid. Model years 2002 and later require Mopar®ATF+4 or equivalent. Use of other fluids may result in damage to the pump or system. Do not overfill system in either case.