Dodge Aspen/Volare 1976-1980 Repair Guide

Driven Disc and Pressure Plate



  1. Remove the transmission.
  3. Remove the clutch housing pan.
  5. Remove the spring washer which secures the clutch fork rod to the torque shaft lever and remove the fork rod.
  7. Disconnect the fork return spring at the fork. Disconnect the torque shaft return spring. If so equipped, at the torque shaft assembly.
  9. Remove the clutch release (throwout) bearing from the clutch release fork. Remove the release fork and boot from the clutch housing.
  11. Using a metal punch, mark the clutch cover (pressure plate) and the flywheel to indicate their correct positions for reassembly.
  13. Loosen the clutch cover (pressure plate) securing bolts one or two turns at a time in succession to prevent warping the clutch cover.
  15. Remove the bolts and take out the clutch disc and pressure plate. Do not get any grease or oil on the pressure plate or the clutch disc.
  17. Lubricate the pilot bearing in the end of the crankshaft with about half a teaspoon of high temperature grease. Place the grease deep in the cavity. If the bearing is damaged, it will have to be removed with a puller and a new one driven in.
  19. Clean the surfaces of the flywheel and pressure plate with fine sandpaper. Check the pressure plate carefully for possible replacement.
  21. Place the clutch disc and pressure plate in position and insert a clutch disc aligning tool (dummy shaft) through the clutch disc hub and into the pilot bearing.

The springs on the clutch disc should be facing away from the flywheel when the disc is properly installed.

  1. Align the punch marks that were made before the removal on the flywheel and the pressure plate.
  3. Install the pressure plate securing bolts and tighten them one to two turns at a time in an alternating sequence. Tighten 5 / 16 in. bolts to 17 ft. lbs. and 3 / 8 in. bolts to 30 ft. lbs. Remove the clutch alignment tool.
  5. Pack the throwout bearing sleeve and the release fork pads with grease. If the bearing is noisy or worn, it must be pressed off the sleeve and a new one pressed on.
  7. Insert the throwout bearing into the bellhousing and place the fork fingers under the throwout bearing retaining springs.
  9. Reverse steps 1-6 to finish installation. Do not lubricate the transmission splines.
  11. Adjust clutch pedal free-play.