Dodge Aspen/Volare 1976-1980 Repair Guide

Electrically Assisted Choke



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Fig. Fig. 1 Wire schematic of the electric assist choke system used on all engines

There are two types, single and dual stage. Both use an electric assist heating element on the manifold mounted choke coil for faster choke release. The single stage unit applies heat to the choke coil only in summer temperatures, while the dual stage unit applies low heat during warmup and high heat after warmup.


Do not immerse the choke heating element in any type of liquid, especially solvent, for any reason.

A short circuit in the choke wiring or in the heater will show up as a short in the ignition system.

  1. Disconnect the electrical leads from the choke control switch before starting the engine.
  3. Connect a test light between the smaller of the two terminals on the choke controls switch and a ground.
  5. Start the engine and run it until it reaches normal operating temperature.
  7. Apply power from a 12V source to the terminal marked "BAT" on the choke control switch.
  9. The test light should light for at least a few seconds or for as long as five minutes. If the light does not come on at all or if it stays on longer than five minutes, replace the switch.
  11. Disconnect the test light and reconnect the electrical leads to the choke switch, if it is functioning properly.
  13. Detach the lead from the choke switch which runs to the choke heating element.
  15. Connect the lead from an ohmmeter to the crimped section at the choke end of the wire, which was removed in Step 7.

Do not connect the metallic heater housing.

  1. Ground the other ohmmeter test lead to the engine manifold.
  3. The meter should indicate a resistance of 4-6 ohms.
  5. If the reading is not within specifications, or if it indicates an opened (zero resistance) or a shorted (infinite resistance) heater coil, replace the heater assembly.

The electrically assisted choke does not change any carburetor service procedures. If any parts of the electrically assisted choke are defective, they must be replaced. Adjustment is not possible.