Dodge Aspen/Volare 1976-1980 Repair Guide



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Fig. Fig. 1 Exploded view of the gear reduction starter used on all engines

All models use a reduction gear starter. The solenoid is mounted on the starter. The starter must be removed from the car to service the solenoid and motor brushes.


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Fig. Fig. 2 Common starter mounting318 cu. in. engine with starter heat shield shown, other models are similar

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Fig. Fig. 3 To remove the starter, first disconnect the battery, then loosen the wire retaining nuts at the starter

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Fig. Fig. 4 Remove the nuts and the wire harness connectors

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Fig. Fig. 5 Remove the upper mounting bolt then the lower mounting nut ...

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Fig. Fig. 6 ... and slide the starter backwards to disengage it from the flywheel. Lift it out of the vehicle

  1. Disconnect the ground cable at the battery.
  3. Remove the cable from the starter.
  5. Disconnect the solenoid leads at their solenoid terminals.
  7. Remove the starter securing bolt and stud nut and remove the starter from the engine flywheel housing. On some models with automatic transmissions, the oil cooler tube bracket will interfere with starter removal. In this case, remove the starter securing bolt and stud nut, slide the cooler tube bracket off the stud, then remove the starter.
  9. Installation is the reverse of the above. Be sure that the starter and flywheel housing mating surfaces are free of dirt and oil. When tightening the bolt and nut, hold the starter away from the engine to ensure proper alignment.


Solenoid and Brush Service
  1. Remove the starter from the car and support the starter gear housing in a vise with soft jaws.
  3. Remove the two thru-bolts and the starter end assembly.
  5. Carefully pull the armature up and out of the gear housing and the starter frame and field assembly.
  7. Carefully pull the frame and field assembly up just enough to expose the terminal screw (which connects the series field coils to one pair of motor brushes) and support it with two blocks.
  9. Support the terminal by placing a finger behind the terminal and remove the terminal screw.
  11. Unwrap the shunt field coil lead from the other starter brush terminal. Unwrap the solenoid lead wire from the brush terminals.
  13. Remove the steel and fiber thrust washer.
  15. Remove the nut, steel washer, and insulating washer from the solenoid terminal.
  17. Straighten the solenoid wire and remove the brush holder plate with the brushes and solenoid as an assembly.
  19. Inspect the starter brushes. Brushes that are worn more than one-half the length of new brushes or are oil-soaked, should be replaced.
  21. Assemble the starter using the reverse of the above procedure. When resoldering the shunt field and solenoid leads, make a strong, low-resistance connection using a high-temperature solder and resin flux.

Do not break the shunt field wire units when removing and installing the brushes.