Dodge Aspen/Volare 1976-1980 Repair Guide

Fuel and Oil Recommendations



Unleaded gasoline should be used in all Aspens and Volares except for 1976 models equipped with the 318 cu. in. V8, Torqueflite transmission, and air pump which were ordered without the catalytic converter system. All other cars must use unleaded fuel. Using leaded gasoline in a converter equipped car will render the system inoperative. Cars with the converter system will have unleaded fuel markings on the instrument panel and near the gas cap. Most importantly, converter cars have the narrow filler tube which permits only the smaller unleaded nozzles to be used.

The fuel used must have a minimum antiknock rating of 87, gasoline classification number of 2, or a 91 Research Octane Number. The anti-knock rating is marked on most gas pumps throughout the country and is obtained by adding the Motor Octane and the Research Octane numbers and then dividing by two. Look for the 87 anti-knock rating.

Cars which are equipped with the catalytic converter system should not use any gasoline additives, such as fuel system cleaners. Fuel system additives may have a detrimental effect on the converter.


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Fig. Fig. 1 Breakdown of the API oil identification label found on all oil containers

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Fig. Fig. 2 Look for the API oil identification label when choosing your engine oil

Engine oil should be selected with regard to the anticipated temperatures during the period before the next oil change. Using the chart, select the oil viscosity for the lowest expected temperature and you will be assured of easy cold starting and adequate engine protection. The oil you pour into your engine should have the designation SE/SF marked on the top or side of its container.