Dodge Aspen/Volare 1976-1980 Repair Guide

Heater Core



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Fig. Fig. 1 Exploded view of the heating and air conditioning control assembly, including the cable and vacuum hose routing

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Fig. Fig. 2 View of the heating and air conditioning assembly and related components

Air Conditioned Cars

Non-Air conditioned cars, refer to the Heater assembly procedures above.

This job requires that the air conditioning system be evacuated. Have this done by a professional if you are not familiar with air conditioning service, and then remove the heater core.

  1. Discharge the air conditioning system.
  3. Disconnect the battery ground cable, drain the coolant, remove the air cleaner, and disconnect the heater hoses. Plug the core tubes to prevent spillage.
  5. Remove the H-type expansion valve.
  7. Slide the front seat all the way back.
  9. Remove the instrument cluster bezel assembly by removing the four screws along the lower edge, placing the automatic transmission selector in 1, and pulling out to detach the upper edge clips.
  11. Remove the instrument panel upper cover by removing the mounting screws at the top inner surface of the glove box, at the brow above the instrument cluster, at the left end cap mounting, at the right side of the pad brow, and in the defroster outlets.
  13. Remove the steering column cover (the instrument panel piece under the column).
  15. Remove the right intermediate side cowl trim panel. Remove the lower instrument panel (the part with the glove box). Remove the instrument panel center to lower reinforcement.
  17. Remove the floor console, if any.
  19. Remove the right center air distribution duct. Detach the locking tab on the defroster duct.
  21. Disconnect the temperature control cable from the housing. Disconnect the blower motor resistor block wiring.
  23. Detach the vacuum lines from the water valve and tee in the engine compartment. Detach the wiring from the evaporator housing. Remove the vacuum lines from the inlet air housing and disconnect the vacuum harness coupling.
  25. Remove the drain tube in the engine compartment. Remove the mounting nuts from the firewall.
  27. Remove the hanger strap from the rear of the evaporator and plenum stud.
  29. Roll the unit back so that the pipes clear and remove it.
  31. Remove the blend air door lever from the shaft. Remove the screws and lift off the top cover. Lift the heater core out.
  33. Reverse the procedure for installation. Have the air conditioning system recharged and checked for leaks. Refill the cooling system.