Dodge Aspen/Volare 1976-1980 Repair Guide

Brake Drums



  1. Remove the rear plug from the brake adjusting access hole on the inside of the wheel.
  3. Slide a thin screwdriver through the hole and position the adjusting lever away from the adjusting notches on the star wheel.
  5. Insert an adjusting tool or screwdriver into the brake adjusting hole and engage the star wheel. Pry downward with the tool to back off the brake adjustment.
  7. Remove the rear wheel and tire. Remove clips (if any) from the wheel studs and discard them.
  9. Remove the drum from the axle. The drum simply slips from the axle leaving the wheel studs in place in the axle. However, the drum will sometimes be rusted in place. To break the rust, strike the drum sharply several times with a soft hammer on the corner. Strike the drum in several places around its circumference. Do not strike the drum on the edge of the open side as this may cause cracks.
  11. Installation is the reverse of the removal procedure.


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Fig. Fig. 1 To remove the rear brake drum, first remove the wheel ...

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Fig. Fig. 2 ... then grasp the drum and pull it straight out to disengage it

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Fig. Fig. 3 The brake drum has a maximum inside diameter measurement cast into it

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Fig. Fig. 4 To inspect the linings, measure the thickness of the pad not including the metal backing

  1. Drum run out (out of round) and diameter should be measured. Drum diameter should not vary more than 0.002 in. and run out should not exceed 0.006 in. Do not reface a drum more than 0.060 inches over its standard diameter.

The maximum safe inside diameter is marked on the drum.

  1. Check the drum for large cracks and scores. Replace the drum if necessary.
  3. If the brake linings are wearing more on one edge than the other then the drum may be "bell" shaped and will have to be replaced or resurfaced.