Dodge Colt/Challenger/Conquest/Vista 1971-1989 Repair Guide

Fusible Links


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Fig. Fig. 1 A relay/fusible link box is located in the engine compartment on most models

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Fig. Fig. 2 Capacity chart for the relay/fusible link chart-1989 Colt shown, others similar

Fusible links are sections of wire, with special insulation, designed to melt under electrical overload. Replacements are simply spliced into the wire. There may be as many as five of these in the engine compartment wiring harnesses.

Some fusible links are a cartrige type found in a relay box. Refer to your onwers guide.


  1. Disconnect the battery ground cable.
  3. Disconnect the fusible link from the junction block or starter solenoid.
  5. Cut the harness directly behind the connector to remove the damaged fusible link.
  7. Strip the harness wire approximately 12mm.
  9. Connect the new fusible link to the harness wire using a crimp on connector. Solder the connection using rosin core solder.
  11. Tape all exposed wires with plastic electrical tape.
  13. Connect the fusible link to the junction block or starter solenoid and reconnect the battery ground cable.