Dodge Colt/Challenger/Conquest/Vista 1971-1989 Repair Guide

Spark Plug Wires


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Fig. Fig. 1 Checking individual plug wire resistance with a digital ohmmeter

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Fig. Fig. 2 Checking plug wire resistance through the distributor cap with an ohmmeter

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Fig. Fig. 3 Front Wheel Drive Engine Tune-up Specifications

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Fig. Fig. 4 Rear Wheel Drive Engine Tune-up Specifications


Visually inspect the spark plug cables for burns, cuts, or breaks in the insulation. Check the spark plug boots and the nipples on the distributor cap and coil. Replace any damaged wiring. If no physical damage is obvious, the wires can be checked with an ohmmeter for excessive resistance.

When installing a new set of spark plug cables, replace the cables one at a time so there will be no mixup. Start by replacing the longest cable first. Install the boot firmly over the spark plug. Route the wire exactly the same as the original. Insert the nipple firmly into the tower on the distributor cap. Repeat the process for each cable.


  1. When removing spark plug wires, use great care.
  3. Grasp and twist the insulator back and forth on the spark plug to free the insulator.

Do not pull on the wire directly as it may become separated from the connector inside the insulator.

To install:

  1. Install each wire in or on the proper terminal of the distributor cap. Be sure the terminal connector inside the insulator is fully seated. The No. 1 terminal is identified on the cap.
  3. Remove the brackets from the old spark plug wire set and install them on the new set in the same relative position. Install the wires in the brackets on the valve rocker arm covers. Connect the wires to the proper spark plugs. Install the coil high tension lead.
  5. Wires must be positioned in the bracket in a special order to avoid cylinder cross-fire. Be sure to position the wire in the bracket in the order from front to rear.