Dodge Omni/Horizon/Rampage 1978-1989 Repair Guide

Oxygen Sensor



The oxygen sensor is mounted in the exhaust manifold.

  1. Disconnect the engine harness connector from the sensor.

Do not pull on the sensor wire.

  1. Remove the sensor using Tool C-4589 on the carbureted engine and Tool C-4907 or their equivalents, for the fuel injected and turbo engines.

To install:

  1. After the sensor is removed clean the exhaust manifold threads with an 0.7 in. x 0.06 in. x 6E (18mm x 1.5mm x 6E) tap. If the old sensor is to be reinstalled, the sensor threads must be coated with an anti seize compound such as Loctite® 771-64 or equivalent on the threads. New sensors are packaged with compound on the threads and no additional compound is required.
  3. Tighten the sensor to 20 ft. lbs. (27 Nm).

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Fig. Fig. 1 Some models covered by this guide use a multi-wire oxygen sensor ...

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Fig. Fig. 2 ... while most use a single wire oxygen sensor