Dodge Omni/Horizon/Rampage 1978-1989 Repair Guide

Pushing And Towing


If your car is equipped with a manual transaxle, it may be push started in an extreme emergency, but there is the possibility of damaging bumpers and/or fenders of both cars. Make sure that the bumpers of both cars are evenly matched. Depress the clutch pedal, select Second or Third gear, and switch the ignition ON . When the car reaches a speed of approximately 10 or 15 mph, release the clutch to start the engine. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PUSH START AN AUTOMATIC OMNI OR HORIZON.

Manual transaxle models may be flat-towed short distances. Attach tow lines to the towing eye on the front suspension or the left or right bumper bracket at the rear. Flat-towing automatic transaxle models is not recommended more than 15 miles (7 km) at more than 30 mph (14 km), and this only in an emergency. Cars equipped with t he automatic should only be towed from the rear when the front wheels are on towing dollies.