Dodge Omni/Horizon/Rampage 1978-1989 Repair Guide



On all models (except pickups) a trailing, independent arm assembly, with integral sway bar is used. The wheel spindles are attached to two trailing arms which extend rearward from mounting points on the body where they are attached with shock absorbing, oval bushings. A crossmember is welded to the trailing arms, just to the rear of the bushings. A coil spring over shock absorber strut assembly, similar to the front suspension, is used.

The rear suspension on the Rampage and Scamp pickup models uses leaf springs mounted to a tubular axle. The conventional type rear shock absorbers are mounted on an angle, outboard at the bottom and inboard at the top. This design is used to provide greater side-to-side stability and weight carrying capacity in addition to controlling ride motion. The wheel spindles are attached to the axle assembly and supported by the leaf springs.

It is important that aftermarket load leveling devices are NOT installed on this suspension system. The installation of these devices will cause the rear brake height sensing proportioning valve to sense a light load condition that is actually a loaded condition being created by these add-on devices.