Dodge Omni/Horizon/Rampage 1978-1989 Repair Guide

Evaporative Canister



The charcoal canister is a feature on all models to store fuel vapors that evaporate from the fuel tank and, if equipped the carburetor bowl. Note that on some fuel bowls, the vent to the evaporative canister is capped since the fuel bowl is vented internally.

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Fig. Fig. 1 The charcoal canister is mounted in the engine compartment

The only service is to replace the canister filter every 30,000 miles (50,700 km), if the car is driven in particularly dusty areas. Otherwise, no service is necessary.

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Fig. Fig. 2 The filter is in the bottom of the canister

All hoses used with this system should be inspected periodically and replaced if cracked or leaking. These hoses are of special fuel resistant material and must be replaced with the same type and quality. The OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) clamps are ""Keystone" type and will be destroyed when they are removed. Replacement types should be aircraft type screw clamps if the original equipment is not available (spring type clamps are not recommended). Position the clamps so that no sharp edges contact adjacent hoses.