Dodge Omni/Horizon/Rampage 1978-1989 Repair Guide

Fuel Injector



A Torx® screwdriver is required to perform this operation. New O-rings for the injector and cap should also be supplied. A set of three will be required to re-use the old injector, while a new injector will be supplied with a new upper O-ring.

  1. Remove the air cleaner and air hoses. Release the fuel system pressure. Then, disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Remove the Torx® head screw. With two screwdrivers positioned in the slots on either side, gently and evenly pry upward to remove the injector cap.

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Fig. Fig. 1 Use two screwdrivers to remove the injector cap

  1. Gently and evenly pry the injector upward and out of the throttle body unit using a screwdriver. Once the injector is removed, check that the lower O-ring has been removed from the throttle body unit.

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Fig. Fig. 2 Carefully pry the injector from the throttle body

  1. Remove the two O-rings from the injector body and the single O-ring from the cap and replace them. If the injector is being replaced, a new upper O-ring will already be installed.

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Fig. Fig. 3 Always use new O-rings when installing the injector

To install:

  1. Carefully assemble the injector and cap together with the keyway and key aligned. Then, align the cap and injector so the cap's hole aligns with the bolt hole in the throttle body. Start the injector/cap assembly into the throttle body without applying downward pressure.
  3. With the assembly almost seated, rotate the cap as necessary to ensure perfect alignment of the cap and throttle body. Then apply gentle, downward pressure on both sides to seat the injector and cap.
  5. Install the Torx® screw and tighten it to 30-35 inch lbs. (41-47 Nm).
  7. Connect the battery. Start the engine and check for leaks with the air cleaner off. Then, replace the air cleaner and hoses.