Durango, 2001-2005

Clockspring (Coil)



Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable before beginning any airbag system component diagnosis, testing, removal, or installation procedures. Allow system capacitor to discharge for two minutes before beginning any component service. This will disable the airbag system. Failure to disable the airbag system may result in accidental airbag deployment, personal injury, or death.

The clockspring is mounted on the steering column behind the steering wheel. Its purpose is to maintain a continuous electrical circuit between the wiring harness and the driver's side air bag module. This assembly consists of a flat, ribbon-like electrically conductive tape that winds and unwinds with the steering wheel rotation.

Service replacement clocksprings are shipped pre-centered and with a molded plastic locking pin that snaps into a receptacle on the rotor and is engaged between two tabs on the upper surface of the rotor case. The locking pin secures the centered clockspring rotor to the clockspring case during shipment, but the locking pin must be removed from the clockspring after it is installed on the steering column. This locking pin should not be removed until the clockspring has been installed on the steering column. If the locking pin is removed before the clockspring is installed on a steering column, the clockspring centering procedure must be performed.

The clockspring cannot be repaired. If the clockspring is faulty, damaged, or if the driver airbag has been deployed, the clockspring must be replaced.

Before starting this procedure, be certain to turn the steering wheel until the front wheels are in the straight-ahead position.

  1. Place the front wheels in the straight-ahead position.
  3. Remove the clockspring from the steering column.
  5. Rotate the clockspring rotor clockwise to the end of its travel. Do not apply excessive torque.
  7. From the end of the clockwise travel, rotate the rotor about two and one-half turns counterclockwise.
  9. The engagement dowel and yellow rubber boot should end up at the bottom, and the arrows on the clockspring rotor and case should be in alignment. The clockspring is now centered.
  11. The front wheels should still be in the straight-ahead position. Reinstall the clockspring onto the steering column.

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    Fig. The clockspring assembly is mounted to the end of the column, behind the steering wheel

    The clockspring assembly is mounted to the end of the column, behind the steering wheel