Durango, 2001-2005

Fault Codes


The red brake warning lamp and amber ABS warning lamp are located in the instrument cluster. The red brake warning lamp is used to alert the driver of a hydraulic fault or that the parking brake is applied. The red brake warning lamp is also used to alert the driver of a problem with the RWAL system.

The red brake warning lamp illuminates when a message is sent over the bus to the cluster to illuminate the bulb. A ground is provided when:

The parking brake is applied and the parking brake switch is actuated
A hydraulic fault has occurred and the pressure differential switch is actuated
A RWAL fault has occurred

The amber ABS warning lamp is used to alert the driver of an RWAL problem and identify DTCs stored in the CAB memory.

If a system fault is detected during the self-test, or at any other time, the control module will illuminate the Anti-lock indicator lamp and store the fault code in the microprocessor memory. If a fault code is generated, the module will remember the code after the ignition is switched OFF . The microprocessor memory will store and display only one fault code at a time. The stored code can be displayed by grounding the RWAL diagnostic connector and counting the number of flashes on the indicator lamp. To clear the fault code, disconnect the control module connector or disconnect the battery for at least 5 seconds. During system retest, wait 30 seconds to make sure the fault code does not reappear.

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Fig. RWAL diagnostic trouble codes

RWAL diagnostic trouble codes