Durango, 2001-2005

Distributor Cap & Rotor


Removal & Installation

Before removing the distributor cap, mark the plug wires for reconnection to the correct terminals.

  1. Remove the splash shield, air cleaner and hoses only if necessary for access to the distributor.
  3. Mark and disconnect the plug wires. Remove the distributor cap.
  5. Wipe the cap clean with a dry lint-free cloth. Visually inspect the cap for cracks, carbon paths, broken towers, or damaged rotor button. Also check for white deposits on the inside (caused by condensation entering through cracks). Replace any cap that has charred or eroded terminals. The inside flat surface of a terminal end (faces toward the rotor) will show some evidence of erosion from normal operation. Examine the terminal ends for evidence of mechanical interference with the rotor tip.
  7. The rotor can be checked in place. Check for corrosion or damage to the tip, a broken spring or housing cracks.
  9. Distributor contacts can be cleaned up with a small file. The rotor tip is covered with a varnish for radio noise suppression. It will appear charred. This is normal and should not be removed.
  11. If the no-spark condition persists, check the ignition coil.