E-Series Vans (1997-2005)



Removal & Installation

Double Cardan Joint

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Fig. Exploded view-double cardan universal joint

  1. Working at the rear axle end of the shaft, mark the position of the spiders, the center yoke, and the centering socket yoke as related to the companion flange. The spiders must be assembled with the bosses in their original position to provide proper clearances.
  3. Remove the snaprings which retain the bearings in the flange and in the driveshaft.
  5. Place U-Joint Tool T74P-4635-C or an equivalent joint press, on the outer universal joint in the center yoke.
  7. Slowly tighten the tool to press the spider towards one side. When the bearing cup protrudes about 3 / 8 inch from the bore, remove the tool, clamp the bearing cup in a vise and tap on the center yoke to drive it away from the cup.
  9. Remove the opposite bearing cup in the same manner and remove the spider. Note the position of the lubrication fitting, if equipped.
  11. Remove the centering socket yoke and press the other universal joint out in the same manner. Be careful not to distort the slinger ring on the driveshaft yoke.

To install:

  1. Clean the yoke bores with light sand paper, being careful not to change the dimension of the bores.
  3. Remove the bearing cups from the new universal joint. Ensure that all needle bearings are still in place and held against the sides of the bearing cups with grease.
  5. Place the new spider into the driveshaft yoke. Make sure the lubrication fitting is in the original location so that it will be accessible with the driveshaft installed.
  7. Fit the new bearing cups into place, then push them in with the press. Be careful not to push a needle bearing out of place. Keep checking to make sure the spider turns freely in both cups. When both cups are pressed fully against the spider, install the snaprings.

If the bearing cups will not press in far enough to install a snapring or if the spider stops moving freely, a needle bearing has fallen out of place in one of the bearing cups. Stop pressing and disassemble the universal joint to re-position the bearings. If assembly is forced, the needle bearings and cups will be destroyed.

  1. Install the centering socket yoke and the remaining joints in the same manner.
  3. Install the driveshaft and grease the new universal joints.

Single Cardan Type U-Joint

Refer to the Single Cardan Universal procedure under the Front Driveshaft portion of this section.