Envoy, Rainer, Trailblazer 2006-2007



Cable Adjustment

The parking brake cables must be adjusted any time one of the cables have been disconnected or replaced. Another indication of a need for cable adjustment is if under heavy foot pressure the pedal travel is less than 9 ratchet clicks or more than 13. Remember that the brake shoes must be properly adjusted before attempting to adjust the parking brake cable.

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Fig. Parking brake adjustment

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Fig. View of the parking cable equalizer assembly

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Fig. Be careful when attempting to turn the equalizer nut; rusted threads may release without warning

Before adjusting the parking brakes, check the condition of the brake shoes and components; replace any necessary parts.

  1. Block the front wheels.
  3. Raise and support the rear of the vehicle safely using jackstands.
    The parking brake equalizer threads will often rust in service making adjustment or removal difficult. If necessary, spray a penetrating lubricant on the nut and equalizer threads, then allow time for the lubricant to work.

  5. Loosen the nut on the cable equalizer assembly.
  7. Fully release the parking brake pedal.
  9. Tighten the cable equalizer nut until the rear wheel cannot be turned forward by hand without excessive force.
  11. Loosen the equalizer nut until there is just moderate drag when the rear wheels are rotated forward.
  13. Release the parking brake and verify that there is no brake drag in either direction.
  15. If equipped, tighten the equalizer locknut.
  17. Remove the jackstands and carefully lower the vehicle.