Escalade, Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon, Denali, DenaliXL, YukonXL 1999-2005

Steering Linkage


The steering linkage consists of a Pitman arm, idler arm, relay rod and two adjustable tie rods. On some 4WD vehicles, a steering shock absorber attaches to the relay rod.

When you turn the steering wheel, the gear rotates the Pitman arm which forces the relay rod to one side. The tie rods connect to the relay rod with the ball studs. Doing so transfers the steering force to the wheels. The tie rods are adjustable. The Pitman arm and the idler arm support the relay rod. The idler arm pivots on a support attached to the frame rail. The steering shock absorber attaches to the frame and the relay arm.

The C3500HD steering linkage consists of the Pitman arm, the tie rod assembly, and the adjustable drag link.

In the heavy duty series, when you turn the wheel, the gear rotates the Pitman arm. The Pitman arm forces the adjustable drag link to one side. The tie rod moves sideways, activating the steering knuckles and turning the wheels.

The condition of the steering linkage affects the steering performance. If parts are bent, damaged, worn, or poorly lubricated, potentially dangerous steering action will result.

If steering linkage components are repaired or replaced, check the steering geometry or the front end alignment. Refer to Wheel Alignment Specifications.