Escape, Mariner 2006-2007

Charging the System


Prior to charging the refrigerant system, you must verify the purity of the refrigerant.

Ford Motor Company recommends use of a charging station to carry out evacuation and charging of the refrigerant system. If a charging station is not available, system charging may be accomplished using a separate vacuum pump, charging cylinder, and manifold gauge set.

  1. Connect the R-134a A/C Refrigerant Center to the low and high pressure service gauge port valves.
  3. Correctly oil match the system to verify that the correct amount of refrigerant oil is present in the system.
  5. Charge the system with the specified weight of refrigerant and refrigerant oil.
  7. When no more refrigerant is being drawn into the system, start the engine and select MAX A/C operation. Adjust the blower motor speed to maximum and allow the remaining refrigerant to be drawn into the system. Continue to add refrigerant into the system until the specified weight of R-134a has been added. Close the charging cylinder valve and allow the system to pull any remaining refrigerant from the hose. When the suction pressure drops to approximately 207 kPa (30 psi), close the charging hose valve.