Escort, XZ2 (2000-2003)

Diagnosis & Testing


Anti-Lock Brake Control Module DTC

Following is a list of Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) related Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC-s) and descriptions. You need an OBD-II compliant scan tool to read the DTC-s. B1318- No/Low Voltage To Anti-Lock Brake Control Module. B1342- Anti-Lock Brake Control Module Failure. C1095- Pump Motor Shorted. C1096- Pump Motor Open. C1115- Shorted Anti-Lock Relay. C1140- Excessive Dump Time Fault. C1145- RF Anti-Lock Brake Sensor (Static). C1148/C1234- RF Anti-Lock Brake Sensor (Dynamic). C1155- LF Anti-Lock Brake Sensor (Static). C1158/C1233- LF Anti-Lock Brake Sensor (Dynamic). C1165- RR Anti-Lock Brake Sensor (Static). C1168/C1235- RR Anti-Lock Brake Sensor (Dynamic). C1175- LR Anti-Lock Brake Sensor (Static). C1178/C1236- LR Anti-Lock Brake Sensor (Dynamic). C1184- Excessive ABS Isolation. C1185- Open Anti-Lock Relay. C1194/C1196- Open or Shorted LF Dump Valve Solenoid. C1198/C1200- Open or Shorted LF Isolation (ISO) Valve Solenoid. C1220- Anti-Lock Brake Warning Indicator Shorted. C1222- Wheel Speed Error C1210/C1212- Open or Shorted RF Dump Valve Solenoid. C1214/C1216- Open or Shorted RF Isolation (ISO) Valve Solenoid C1242/C1244- Open or Shorted LR Dump Valve Solenoid C1246/C1248- Open or Shorted RR Dump Valve Solenoid. C1250/C1252- Open or Shorted LR Isolation (ISO) Valve Solenoid C1254/C1256- Open or Shorted RR Isolation (ISO) Valve Solenoid.