Expedition, Navigator 2006-2007

Throttle Position Sensor



The TP sensor is a rotary potentiometer sensor that provides a signal to the PCM that is linearly proportional to the throttle plate/shaft position. The sensor housing has a 3-blade electrical connector that may be gold plated. The gold plating increases corrosion resistance on terminals and increases connector durability. The TP sensor is mounted on the throttle body. As the TP sensor is rotated by the throttle shaft, 4 operating conditions are determined by the PCM from the TP. Those conditions are closed throttle (includes idle or deceleration), part throttle (includes cruise or moderate acceleration), wide open throttle (includes maximum acceleration or de-choke on crank), and throttle angle rate.

Removal & Installation

  1. Remove the throttle body (TB).
    Failure to remove the TP sensor screws in the following manner will result in damage to the screws. First loosen the screws 1-2 full turns using a hand tool and then use a suitable high speed driver to complete the removal.

  3. Remove and discard the screws and the TP sensor.
    Do not reuse the TP sensor and screws. A new TP sensor and screws must be installed.

    When installing the new TP sensor, make sure that the radial locator tab on the TP sensor is aligned with the radial locator hole on the throttle body.

  5. To install, reverse the removal procedure and note the following:
    1. Tighten the new sensor screws to 27 inch. lbs. (3 Nm).



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Fig. Throttle Position Sensor connector

  1. Checking the Throttle Position sensor for mechanical operation:

    Turn the ignition switch to the on position.
    Install a scanner.
    Slowly move the throttle from the closed throttle position to the wide open throttle position and observe the TP V PID.
    Access the PCM and monitor the TP V PID.
    If the voltage is not between 0.49-4.65 V, suspect a faulty TP sensor.

  3. Checking the voltage between the VREF and SIGRTN circuits at the TP sensor harness connector.
    Verify the throttle plate and linkage is at closed throttle position.

    Disconnect the Throttle Position sensor connector.
    Turn the ignition switch to the on position.
    Measure the voltage between Pin 1 (VREF+) and Pin 3 (SIGRTN-)
    If the voltage reading is between 4.5-5.5 the circuits are okay.
    Visually inspect the throttle linkage and throttle plate for binding or sticking.