Explorer, Mountaineer 2006-2007

Diagnosis & Testing


Inspection And Verification

If a new anti-lock brake system (ABS) module is installed, it must be configured. If equipped with stability assist, the ABS module must also be calibrated. Follow the scan tool directions.

  1. Verify the customer concern.
  3. Verify the stoplamps operate correctly by pressing and releasing the brake pedal with the ignition switch in the OFF position. If the stoplamps operate correctly, proceed to the next step.
  5. Verify that the PRNDL operates correctly on the instrument cluster. If the PRNDL operates correctly, proceed to the next step.
  7. Visually inspect for obvious signs mechanical or electrical damage.
  9. Inspect to determine if one of the following mechanical or electrical concerns apply.


Wheel speed sensor ring
Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU)
Incorrectly inflated tires
Mismatched wheels or tires on vehicle
Base brake system
Brake booster vacuum hose
Ford-specified steering components, suspension components and tire size


Battery Junction Box fuse 5 (40A)
Battery Junction Box fuse 10 (30A)
Battery Junction Box fuse 25 (15A)
ABS module
Stoplamp switch
Steering wheel rotation sensor
Brake booster solenoid
Brake booster release switch
Brake pressure transducer
Brake pedal travel sensor
Sensor cluster (also called accelerometer)
Brake pedal relay
Brake fluid level switch
Stability traction control switch
Wheel speed sensor

  1. If the cause is not visually evident, connect the scan tool to the Data Link Connector (DLC) and select the vehicle to be tested from the scan tool menu. If the scan tool does not communicate with the vehicle:
    1. Check that the program card is correctly installed.
    3. Check the connections to the vehicle.
    5. Check the ignition switch position.

  3. If the scan tool still does not communicate with the vehicle, refer to the scan tool operating manual.
    If equipped with stability assist, the vehicle must be at a complete standstill when carrying out the self-test. Any movement of the vehicle during the self-test may result in false DTCs being set.

  5. Carry out the scan tool data link test. If the scan tool responds with:
    1. CAN circuit fault or all electronic control units no response/not equipped, check the connection to the scan tool; this condition indicates no module/network communication/no power to the diagnostic tool.
    3. No response/not equipped for the ABS module, check the ABS module voltage and ground circuits for an open. Repair as needed.
    5. System passed, retrieve and record the continuous Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), erase the continuous DTCs, and carry out self-test diagnostics for the ABS module.

  7. If the DTCs retrieved are related to the malfunction, go to the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Module Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Index to continue diagnosis.
  9. If no DTCs related to the concern are retrieved, look for other symptoms that may be the cause of the system failure.
    The need to calibrate the module is indicated by the active/fail lamp flashing. There are other service actions that can require calibration when there is no flashing lamp. The lamp flashes after clearing the DTCs that are indicated in the ABS module calibration list.

    Always retrieve the continuous DTCs after running the self-test.

    If DTCs B2900, C1805, and U1900 are set at the time, diagnose the concern for U1900 first.

    DTC C1730 (Reference Voltage Out Of Range) must be repaired before DTCs C1279, C1280, C1281, C1282, C1288, or C1289.

    If DTC B1342 as well as other DTCs are present, REPAIR the others first before replacing the control module. Next CLEAR the DTCs and then RETRIEVE the DTCs. If DTC B1342 is still retrieved, INSTALL a new module and REPEAT the self-test.


Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Module Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Index

B1342 ECU is Defective

B1483 Brake Pedal Input Circuit Failure

B1485 Brake Pedal Position (BPP) Switch Circuit Failure

B1676 Battery Pack Voltage Out of Range

B2141 Vehicle Speed Calibration Data Not Programmed Into Module

B2477 Module Configuration Failure

B2607 Harness/Configuration Mismatch

B2734 Pedal Travel Sensor (PTS) Supply Error

B2736 Pedal Travel Sensor (PTS) Circuit Fault

B2737 Pedal Travel Sensor (PTS) Jammed Error

B2738 Pedal Travel Sensor (PTS) Velocity Error

B2740 Pedal Travel Sensor (PTS) Spike Error

B2741 Sensor Cluster Loop End

B2900 VIN Mismatched

C1095 ABS Hydraulic Pump Motor Circuit Failure

C1102 G-Switch Circuit Failure

C1145 Wheel Speed Sensor RF Input Circuit Failure

C1155 Wheel Speed Sensor LF Input Circuit Failure

C1165 Wheel Speed Sensor RR Input Circuit Failure

C1175 Wheel Speed Sensor LR Input Circuit Failure

C1230 Rear Axle Speed Sensor Circuit Failure (Static)

C1233 Wheel Speed LF Input Signal Missing

C1234 Wheel Speed RF Input Signal Missing

C1235 Wheel Speed RR Input Signal Missing

C1236 Wheel Speed LR Input Signal Missing

C1237 Rear Axle Speed Sensor Output Failure (Dynamic)

C1277 Steering Wheel Angle 1 and 2 Circuit Failure

C1278 Steering Wheel Angle 1 and 2 Signal Faulted

C1279 Yaw Rate Sensor Circuit Failure

C1280 Yaw Rate Sensor Signal Fault

C1281 Lateral Accelerometer Circuit Failure

C1282 Lateral Accelerometer Signal Fault

C1285 Booster Solenoid Circuit Failure

C1287 Booster Pedal Force Switch Circuit Failure

C1288 Brake Pressure Transducer Input Circuit Failure

C1440 Pressure Transducer Input Circuit Failure

C1516 Roll Rate Signal Fault

C1517 Roll Rate Sensor Circuit Fault

B1676 Battery Voltage Out Of Range

C1730 Reference Voltage Out of Range (+5 V)

C1805 Mismatched PCM and/or ABS/TC Module

C1940 Brake Pressure Switch Circuit Failure

C1960 Driver Brake Apply Circuit Fault

C1963 Stability Control Inhibit Warning

C1991 Module Calibration Failure

C1996 Active Yaw Control Disabled

C1998 Module Calibration Not Complete

C2769 Longitudinal Acceleration Sensor Circuit Failure

C2770 Longitudinal Acceleration Sensor Signal Fault

C2777 Sensor Cluster Bus Failure

C2778 Sensor Cluster Voltage Supply Failure

U1009 SCP (J1850) Invalid or Missing Data for Engine Torque

U1027 SCP (J1850) Invalid or Missing Data for Engine RPM

U1059 SCP (J1850) Invalid or Missing Data for Engine RPM

U1073 SCP (J1850) Invalid or Missing Data for Engine Coolant

U1262 SCP (J1850) Communication Bus Fault

U1900 CAN Communication Bus Fault-Receive Error

U1901 CAN Network #2 Communication Bus Fault-Receive Error

U2023 Fault received from external node