Explorer, Mountaineer 2006-2007

Maintenance Intervals


To be servicedType of serviceVehicle mileage interval (x1000)
Engine oil & filterRXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Auto trans. fluidI     X     X     X     X  
Brake pads/shoesI     X     X     X     X  
Coolant hosesS/I     X     X     X     X  
Steering linkageI     X     X     X     X  
Suspension, driveshaftI     X     X     X     X  
Cabin air filterR     X     X     X     X  
Ball joints (2WD)L     X     X     X     X  
Wheels -I           X           X  
Exhaust systemI           X           X  
Engine air filterR           X           X  
Fuel filterR           X           X  
Climate controlled seat filterR           X           X  
Accessory drive beltsIevery 100,000 miles                        
Premium Gold coolantR5 years or 100,000 miles, then every 3 years or 30,000 miles                        
Spark plugsRevery 100,000 miles                        
PCV valveRevery 100,000 miles                        
Coolant, exc. Premium GoldRevery 105,000 miles                        
Front wheel bearings and seals (2WD)Revery 150,000 miles if not already done so                        
Manual trans. fluidRevery 120,000 miles                        
Auto trans fluidRevery 150,000 miles                        
Differential fluidRevery 150,000 miles                        
Accessory drive beltsRevery 150,000 miles if not already done so                        
1R: Replace S: Service I: Inspect L: Lubricate
2- Inspect wheel ends for end play and noise