F-Series Trucks 2007, Mark LT 2007

Leak Testing


Good ventilation is necessary in the area where electronic A/C leak testing is to be carried out. If the surrounding air is contaminated with refrigerant gas, the leak detector will indicate this gas all the time. Odors from other chemicals such as antifreeze, diesel fuel, disc brake cleaner or other cleaning solvents can cause the same problem. Using a fan to ventilate the area to be tested before proceeding with the leak detection procedure is helpful in removing small traces of contamination from the air, but the fan should be turned off during actual testing.

The system pressure should be between 413-551 kPa (60-80 psi) at 24°C (75°F) with the engine off.

Leak test the refrigerant system using the Refrigerant Leak Detector. Follow the instructions included with the leak detector for handling and operation techniques.