Ford Taurus/Sable 1986-1995 Repair Information

Push Connect Fittings


See Figures 1, 2, 3 and 4

Push connect fittings are designed with two different retaining clips. The fittings used with 8mm diameter tubing use a hairpin clip, while the fittings used with 6mm and 12.7mm diameter tubing use a "duck bill'' clip. Each type of fitting requires different procedures for service.

Push connect fitting disassembly must be accomplished prior to fuel component removal (filter, pump, etc.), except for the fuel tank, where removal is necessary for access to the push connect fittings.


Hairpin Clip Fittings (

  1. Inspect the internal portion of the fitting for dirt accumulation. If more than a light coating of dust is present, clean the fitting before disassembly.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Push connect fittings with a hairpin clip

  1. Remove the hairpin type clip from the fitting. This is done (using hands only) by spreading the two clip legs about 3mm each to disengage the body and pushing the legs into the fitting. Complete removal is accomplished by lightly pulling from the triangular end of the clip and working it clear of the tube and fitting.

Do not use any tools.

  1. Grasp the fitting and hose assembly and pull in an axial direction to remove the fitting from the steel tube. Adhesion between sealing surfaces may occur. A slight twist of the fitting may be required to break this adhesion and permit effortless removal.
  3. When the fitting is removed from the tube end, inspect clip to ensure it has not been damaged. If damaged, replace the clip. If undamaged, immediately reinstall the clip, insert the clip into any two adjacent openings with the triangular portion pointing away from the fitting opening. Install the clip to fully engage the body (legs of hairpin clip locked on outside of body). Piloting with an index finger is necessary.
  5. Before installing the fitting on the tube, wipe the tube end with a clean cloth. Inspect the inside of the fitting to ensure it is free of dirt and/or obstructions.
  7. To reinstall the fitting onto the tube, lubricate the sealing O-rings with clean engine oil, align the fitting and tube axially and push the fitting onto the tube end. When the fitting is engaged, a definite click will be heard. Pull on the fitting to ensure it is fully engaged.

Duck Bill Clip Fittings

The fitting consists of a body, spacers, O-rings and a duck bill retaining clip. The clip maintains the fitting to the steel tube juncture. When disassembly is required for service, be sure to use the appropriate following method.

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Fig. Fig. 2: Push connect fittings with a duck bill clip


To disengage the tube from the fitting, align the slot on the Push Connect Disassembly Tool T82L-9500-AH, or equivalent, with either tab on the clip (90° from slots on side of fitting), then insert the tool. This disengages the duck bill from the tube. Holding the tool and the tube with one hand, pull the fitting away from the tube.

Only moderate effort is required if the tube has been properly disengaged. Use hands only. After disassembly, inspect and clean the tube sealing surface. Also inspect the inside of the fitting for damage to the retaining clip. If the retaining clip appears to be damaged, replace it. Some fuel tubes have a secondary bead which aligns with the outer surface of the clip. These beads can make tool insertion difficult. If there is extreme difficulty, use the following disassembly method.

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Fig. Fig. 3: Removing the push connect fitting using the proper tool

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Fig. Fig. 4: Removing the push connect fitting


This method of disassembly disengages the retaining clip from the fitting body.

Use a pair of narrow pliers (6 in. locking pliers are ideal). The pliers must have a jaw width of 5mm or less.

Align the jaws of the pliers with the openings in the side of the fitting case and compress the portion of the retaining clip that engages the fitting case. This disengages the retaining clip from the case (often one side of the clip will disengage before the other. It is necessary to disengage the clip from both openings). Pull the fitting off the tube.

Only moderate effort is required if the retaining clip has been properly disengaged. Use hands only.

The retaining clip will remain on the tube. Disengage the clip from the tube bead and remove. Replace the retaining clip if it appears to be damaged.

The clip's ring will often have a slight oval shape. If there are no visible cracks and the ring will pinch back to its circular configuration, it is not damaged. If there is any doubt, replace the clip.

Install the clip into the body by inserting one of the retaining clip serrated edges on the duck bill portion into one of the window openings. Push on the other side until the clip snaps into place. Lubricate the O-rings with clean engine oil and slide the fuel line back into the clip.