Focus 2006-2007

Evacuating the System


Use a certified A/C service center to carry out recovery, evacuation and charging of the refrigerant system. If an A/C service center is not available, refrigerant system recovery, evacuation and charging may be accomplished using a separate recovery station, vacuum pump, charging meter and manifold gauge set.

Leaks in refrigerant system service equipment, hoses or gauges can cause a leak in vacuum that may be misinterpreted as a problem with the vehicle's refrigerant system. It is necessary to leak-test all refrigerant system service equipment, hoses and gauges on a weekly basis to verify that no leaks are present.

  1. Connect the R-134a manifold gauge set to the low-side and high-side service gauge port valves.
  3. Connect the center (yellow) hose from the manifold gauge set to the suction port on the vacuum pump.
  5. Open all valves on the R-134a manifold gauge set and both service gauge port valves.
  7. Turn on the vacuum pump and evacuate the system until the low-pressure gauge reads at least 29.5 inches Hg (99.4 kPa) of vacuum and as close to 30 inches Hg (101.1 kPa) as possible. Continue to operate the vacuum pump for a minimum of 45 minutes.
  9. Close the high-side and low-side valves on the manifold gauge set (not the service gauge port valves) and turn off the vacuum pump.
  11. Observe the low-pressure gauge for 5 minutes to make sure that the system vacuum is held. If vacuum is not held for 5 minutes, leak test the system, repair the leak and evacuate the system again.