Ford Aerostar 1986-1997 Repair Guide



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Fig. Fig. 1: Exploded view of the front E-4WD suspension system found on all all wheel drive models of the Aerostar

The E-4WD front suspension is a short/long arm suspension system with helical coil springs. It consists of spindles, upper and lower control arms with integral ball joints and bushings, adjustment shims, coil springs, shock absorbers and a stabilizer bar. The springs are computer-selected based on the vehicle options.

The lower control arm is attached to the engine crossmember through the pivot bushings and to the spindles through the ball joint assembly. The lower arms provide support for the coil springs and attachments for the shock absorber and stabilizer bar.

The upper control arm assembly is attached to the top of the front longitudinal side member. The upper arm assembly is attached to the spindle at the upper ball joint and is anchored to the body using three primary crossmember bolts as well as one additional bolt and washer assembly.

The shock absorbers are telescopic, direct-action design. They are nonadjustable units and must be replaced as complete assemblies.

The front stabilizer bar is fastened to the front of the frame and to the lower control arm. The stabilizer bar is standard equipment on all Aerostar models.

Each front wheel is bolted to a hub assembly. There are two opposed tapered roller bearings (inner and outer) with grease retainer seals (inner and outer) encased in one single cup or cartridge. Unlike four-wheel drive wheel hubs, the all-wheel drive hubs are always engaged to the front drive axle and cannot be manually disengaged.