Ford Aerostar 1986-1997 Repair Guide

Clutch Pilot Bearing


The clutch driven disc may contain asbestos, which has been determined to be a cancer causing agent. Never clean clutch surfaces with compressed air and avoid inhaling dust from any clutch surface. When cleaning clutch surfaces, use a commercially available brake cleaning fluid.


See Figures 1 and 2

A needle roller bearing assembly is used as a clutch pilot bearing. It is inserted directly into the engine flywheel. The needle bearing clutch pilot can only be installed with the seal end of the bearing facing the transmission. The bearing and seal are pre-greased and do not require additional lubrication. A new bearing seal must be installed whenever a bearing is removed.

  1. Remove the transmission, clutch pressure plate and disc as described in this section.
  3. Remove the pilot bearing using a slide hammer and adapter T58L 101 A or equivalent.

To install:
  1. Coat the pilot bore in the crankshaft with a small quantity of multi-purpose, longlife lubricant such as part number C1AZ 19590 A or equivalent. Avoid using too much lubricant as it may be thrown on the clutch disc when the clutch revolves.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Removing the pilot bearing with a puller

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Fig. Fig. 2: Install the pilot bearing with a bearing driver tool

  1. Using the proper driver tool, carefully install the pilot bearing with the seal facing the transmission.
  3. Install the clutch pressure plate, disc and transmission as described in this section. Be careful not to damage the bearing during transmission installation while the transmission input shaft is being inserted into the bearing.