Ford Aerostar 1986-1997 Repair Guide

Camshaft and Auxiliary Shaft Sprockets and Seals


Although Ford suggests that this component is removable while the engine is installed in teh vhicle, depending on teh particular options with which your Aerostar is equipped, working clearance may be extremely tight and this procedure may be much easier to perform with the engine removed. Before commencing, read through this procedure and make certain enough clearance, or working room, exists with the engine in the vehicle; if there is not enough space, the engine should be removed.


2.3L Engine

The cylinder front cover, camshaft and auxiliary shaft seals are replaced in the same manner and with the same tools after the respective gear has been removed. Always use a new attaching bolt when replacing the camshaft sprocket or use new Teflon® sealing tape on the threads of the old bolt. To remove the sprockets:

  1. Remove the timing cover and belt.
  3. Use tool T74P-6256-B, or equivalent to pull the camshaft drive sprocket. The same tool is used in exactly the same manner to remove the auxiliary shaft sprocket, as well as to hold the sprockets while the attaching bolts are installed and tightened.

A front cover seal remover tool T74P-6700-B, or equivalent, is used to remove all the seals. When positioning this tool, make sure that the jaws are gripping the thin edge of the seal very tightly before operating the jackscrew portion of the tool.

To install the seals, a camshaft and auxiliary shaft seal replacer T74P-6150-A or equivalent with a stepped, threaded arbor is used. The tool acts as a press, using the internal threads of the various shafts as a pilot.