Ford Aerostar 1986-1997 Repair Guide

Vehicle Data


The vehicle data appears on the Safety Compliance Certification (SCC) label. It can be found on the second and third lines following the identification number. The code set (two numbers or a number and letter) above COLOR identify the exterior paint color, with two sets of codes designating two tone paint. The three digits under W.N. designate the wheelbase in inches. The letter and three digits under TYPE/G.V.W. designate the truck model within a series and the gross vehicle weight rating. The letters and/or numbers under BODY designate the interior trim, seat and body type. The transmission installed in the vehicle is identified under TRANS by an alphabetical code.

A letter and a number or two numbers under AXLE identify the rear axle ratio and, when required, a letter or number is also stamped after the rear axle code to identify the front axle. The letters and/or numerals under TAPE designate the external body side tape stripe code. The spring usage codes for the vehicle are identified under SPRING.

A two digit number is stamped above D.S.O. to identify the district which originally ordered the vehicle. If the vehicle is built to special order (Domestic Special Order, Foreign Special Order, Limited Production Option or other special order), the complete order number will also appear above D.S.O.