Ford Aerostar 1986-1997 Repair Guide



Improper towing of the Aerostar could result in transmission damage. Always unload the vehicle before towing it. Tow chain attachments must be made to the structural members of the vehicle, with the chains routed under a 4 in. (10cm) wood crossbeam placed under the bottom edge of the front bumper against the air spoiler or under the metal rear bumper supports against the wrecker towing tabs, in such a manner that they do not come into contact with suspension, steering, brake, cooling system, exhaust system, bumper or air spoiler components. Make sure the parking brake is released and the transmission gearshift lever is in NEUTRAL. To move a vehicle with an inoperative rear axle, the rear wheels must be raised. If the transmission is inoperative, the rear wheels must be raised or the driveshaft disconnected.

Never tow your Aerostar by using a tow bar that attaches to the bumper only. This will damage the bumper and result in property damage or personal injury. Do not attempt to use the steering column lock to hold the front wheels in a straight-ahead position when towing from the rear.