Ford Aspire 1994-1998 Repair Guide

Handling Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive Parts


Electronic modules are very sensitive to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). If modules are exposed to such charges, they may be damaged. Many vehicles and/or their electronic components display a label informing you that such components can be damaged by ESD; even components without warning labels may be damaged. To avoid possible damage to any of these components, follow the steps outlined below in Handling Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive Parts.

  1. Body movement produces an electrostatic charge. To discharge personal static electricity, touch a ground point (metal) on the vehicle. This should be performed any time you:

    Slide across the vehicle seat
    Sit down or get up
    Do any walking

  3. Do not touch any exposed terminals on components or connectors with your fingers or any tools.
  5. Never use jumper wires, ground a terminal on a component, or use test equipment on any component or terminal, unless instructed to do so in a diagnostic or testing procedure. When using test equipment, always connect the ground lead first.