Ford Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis 1989-1998

Data Link Connector


The Data Link Connector (DLC) may be found in the following location:

Under the driver's side dash , near the steering column.

The DLC is rectangular in design and capable of allowing access to 16 terminals. The connector has keying features that allow easy connection. The test equipment and the DLC have a latching feature to ensure a good mated connection.


The most commonly required electrical diagnostic tool is the Digital Multimeter, allowing voltage, resistance, and amperage to be read by one instrument.

The multimeter must be a high impedance unit, with 10 megaohms of impedance in the voltmeter. This type of meter will not place an additional load on the circuit it is testing; this is extremely important in low voltage circuits. The multimeter must be of high quality in all respects. It should be handled carefully and protected from impact or damage. Replace the batteries frequently in the unit.