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    1990 Buick Electra Park Avenue 3.8L FI OHV 6cyl

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    Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis, Marauder, Lincoln Town Car 1999-2005



    Removal & Installation

    1. Remove the driveshaft from the vehicle and place it in a vise, being careful not to damage it.
    3. Mark the position of the yokes in relation to the driveshaft tube, so they can be reinstalled the same way.
    5. Remove the snap-rings that retain the bearing cups in the yokes and in both ends of the driveshaft.
    7. Remove the driveshaft tube from the vise and position the U-joint in the vise with a socket smaller than the bearing cup on one side and a socket larger than the bearing cup on the other side.
    9. Slowly tighten the jaws of the vise so that the smaller socket forces the U-joint spider and the opposite bearing cup out of the driveshaft and into the larger socket.
    11. Remove the U-joint from the vise and remove the socket from over the bearing cup. The bearing cup should be forced out of the driveshaft enough to grip and remove with pliers.
    13. Drive the spider in the opposite direction in the same manner as in Step 4 in order to make the opposite bearing cup accessible, and pull it free with pliers. Use this procedure to remove all bearing cups from both U-joints.
    15. After removing the bearing cups, remove the spiders from the driveshaft and yokes.
    17. Thoroughly clean all dirt and foreign material from the yoke areas of the driveshaft and yokes.
    19. Start a new bearing cup into the yoke of the driveshaft. Install the new spider in the driveshaft yoke and bearing. Position the yoke in the vise. Slowly close the vise, pressing the bearing cup into the yoke. Use the smaller socket to press the cup in far enough so that the retaining snapring can be installed.
    21. Open the vise and start a new bearing cup in the opposite hole. Press the bearing cup into the yoke in the same manner as in Step 9. Make sure the spider assembly is in line with the bearing cup as it is pressed in.

    It is very easy to damage or misalign the needle rollers in the bearing cup if the spider assembly is not kept in line with the bearing cup during assembly. If the U-joint binds easily and/or the bearing cup cannot be pressed in far enough to install the snapring, one or more needle rollers has probably been knocked to the bottom of the cup. Remove the bearing cup, reposition the needle rollers and reinstall.

    1. Install all remaining U-joint cups in the same manner. When installing the slip yoke and rear yoke, make sure the marks align that were made during removal. Make sure all snap-rings are properly installed.
    3. Check the U-joints for freedom of movement. If binding has resulted from misalignment during assembly, a sharp rap on the yoked with a brass or plastic hammer will seat the bearing cups. Take care to support the shaft end and do not strike the bearing cups during this procedure. Make sure the U-joints are free to rotate easily without binding before installing the driveshaft.
    5. If supplied, install the grease fittings in the U-joints.
    7. Install the driveshaft.
    9. Grease the new U-joints if they are equipped with grease fittings.

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    Fig. Driveshaft assembly

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    Fig. Removing the bearing cup

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    Fig. Installing a new snapring

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    Fig. Checking U-joint for freedom of movement

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    Fig. Seating the bearing needles

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