Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis, Marauder, Lincoln Town Car 1999-2005

Shock Absorbers


Removal & Installation

If the vehicle is equipped with air suspension, the electrical power to the air suspension system must be shut off prior to hoisting, jacking or towing an air suspension vehicle. This can be accomplished by turning off the air suspension switch located in the luggage compartment. Failure to do so can result in unexpected inflation or deflation of the air springs, which can result in shifting of the vehicle during these operations. Failure to follow these instructions may result in personal injury.

  1. If equipped with air suspension, the air suspension switch, located on the right-hand side of the luggage compartment, must be turned to the OFF position before raising the vehicle.
  3. Remove or disconnect the following:

    Nut, washer and bushing from the upper end of the shock absorber
    2 bolts retaining the shock absorber to the lower control arm
    Shock absorber


To install:

  1. Prior to installation, prime the new shock absorber. Fully extend the shock absorber while in the right side up (installed) position. Turn the shock absorber upside down and fully compress it. Repeat the procedure at least 3 times to purge any air trapped in the shock absorber.
  3. Install or connect the following:

    New bushing and washer on the stud on the top of the new shock absorber and position the unit inside the front coil spring
    2 lower retaining bolts and tighten them to 10-12 ft lbs. (13-17 Nm).
    New bushing and washer on the shock absorber top stud
    New retaining nut. Tighten the retaining nut to 25-34 ft. lbs. (34-46 Nm).

  5. If equipped with air suspension, turn the air suspension switch to the ON position.

Testing & Inspection

  1. Remove the shock absorber from the vehicle.
  3. Extend the shock absorber fully while it is right side up, as installed in the vehicle. Then turn it upside down and fully compress it. Repeat this procedure at least 3 times to make sure any trapped air has been expelled.
  5. Place the shock absorber right side up in a vise and hand stroke the shock absorber. Check the shock absorber insulators for damage and wear.
  7. If the shock absorber is properly primed, in its installed position, and there is a lag or a skip occurring near mid-stroke of the shaft reverse travel direction, the shock absorber must be replaced.
  9. Replace the shock absorber if there is any seizing during the shaft full travel, except at either end of the travel.
  11. Replace the shock absorber if upon the shaft fast, reverse stroke, there is any noise encountered other than a faint swish, such as a clicking sound.
  13. If there are excessive fluid leaks, and the shock absorber action remains erratic after purging air, replace the shock absorber.