Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis, Marauder, Lincoln Town Car 1999-2005

Lower Control Arms


Removal & Installation

If one lower control arm requires replacement, also replace the lower control arm on the other side of the vehicle. If both upper control arms and both lower control arms are to be removed at the same time, remove both coil or air springs, as detailed in this Section.

  1. If equipped, turn the air suspension switch OFF .
  3. Mark the rear shock absorber tube relative to the protective sleeve with the vehicle in the normal ride height position.
  5. Raise the vehicle and support the frame side rails with jack stands. Allow the axle housing to hang with the shock absorbers fully extended to relieve spring pressure.
  7. Remove the stabilizer bar, if equipped.
  9. Support the axle with jack stands under the differential pinion nose as well as under the axle.
  11. Remove and discard the lower arm pivot bolts and nuts and remove the lower arm.

To install:

  1. Position the lower arm to the frame bracket and axle. Install new bolts and nuts with the nuts facing outboard.
  3. Raise the axle to the normal ride height position, compressing the shock absorbers to the marks made during the removal procedure. Tighten the lower arm-to-axle pivot bolt to 103-132 ft. lbs. (140-180 Nm) and lower arm-to-frame pivot bolt to 119-149 ft. lbs. (162-203 Nm).
  5. Install the stabilizer bar, if equipped.
  7. Remove the jack stands and lower the vehicle. If equipped, turn the air suspension switch ON .