Ford Escort/Lynx 1981-1990 Repair Guide

Preparatory Steps


Release the parking brake, and place the transaxle in NEUTRAL. As a general rule, a vehicle being towed, should be pulled with the driving wheels OFF the ground. If the driving wheels cannot be raised off the ground, place them on a dolly.

It is recommended that your vehicle be towed from the front, unless conditions do not allow it. Towing the vehicle backwards with the front wheels on the ground, may cause internal damage to the transaxle. Under no circumstances, should J-hooks be used to tow the vehicle. The manufacturer recommends that T-hooks be used when towing the vehicles.

When the vehicle is being towed, the steering wheel must be clamped in the straight-ahead position with a steering wheel clamping device designed for towing service use, such as those provided by towing system manufacturers.

If conditions requires that the vehicle be pulled from the rear, do not use the vehicle's steering column to lock the wheels in A straight-ahead position.

If the ignition key is not available, place a dolly underneath the front wheels of the vehicle and tow with the rear wheels off the ground.