Ford Escort/Tracer 1991-1999 Repair Guide

Alternator Precautions


To prevent damage to the alternator and voltage regulator, the following precautionary measures must be taken when working with the electrical system:

NEVER ground or short out the alternator or regulator terminals.
NEVER operate the alternator with any of its or the battery's lead wires disconnected.
NEVER use a fast battery charger to jump start a dead battery.
NEVER attempt to polarize an alternator.
NEVER subject the alternator to excessive heat or dampness (for instance, steam cleaning the engine).
NEVER use arc welding equipment on the car with the alternator connected.
ALWAYS observe proper polarity of the battery connections; be especially careful when jump starting the car.
ALWAYS remove the battery or at least disconnect the ground cable while charging.
ALWAYS disconnect the battery ground cable while repairing or replacing an electrical components.