Ford Escort/Tracer 1991-1999 Repair Guide



The cruise control system maintains the vehicle road speed selected by the driver. When the system is turned on and the road speed is above 30 mph (48 km/h), the speed control amplifier energizes the vacuum and vent valves in the speed control servo. The vacuum valve passes vacuum to the speed control servo, where it is used to move the throttle linkage. The vent valve controls the amount of vacuum applied to the servo.

The control amplifier is operated by the control switches located on the steering wheel.

  1. The release switches are located on the brake, clutch and accelerator pedal brackets. When the brake and clutch pedals are depressed, or the OFF switch is pressed, the system will be disengaged. As long as the OFF button has not been depressed, the vehicle can be returned to its original speed by pressing the resume button.