Ford- Fairmount/Zephyr 1978-1983 Repair Guide

Air Cleaner


All engines are equipped with a dry type air cleaner mounted on top of the carburetor. The air cleaner contains a replaceable filter element and a replaceable crankcase ventilation system filter, as well as various sensors, switches and vacuum motors that control the intake air temperature. Both the air filter element and the crankcase ventilation filter should be changed every 30 months or 30,000 miles. If the vehicle is operated in dusty, or severe conditions a more frequent changing of the filters may be necessary.


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Fig. Fig. 1 Exploded view of the common air cleaner assembly mounting on 2.3L engines

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Fig. Fig. 2 Exploded view of a typical air cleaner assembly mounting on 3.3L engines

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Fig. Fig. 3 Common air cleaner and duct system used on 4.2L and 5.0L engines

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Fig. Fig. 4 The air cleaner housing can now be removed, if necessary

  1. Remove the wing nut or nuts that retain the top of the air cleaner.
  3. Remove the cover and gently lift the element out of the housing. Do not knock any dirt into the carburetor.
  5. Pull the PCV filter out of the plastic retainer. (On some models the complete ventilation filter may have to be replaced. Remove the hose and the retaining clip from the outside body of the air cleaner. Remove and discard the filter assembly).
  7. Wipe the inside of the air cleaner and the PCV filter retainer clean with a rag or soft paper towel.
  9. Install a new PCV ventilation filter and a new air cleaner element.
  11. Replace the air cleaner cover and install the wing nut or nuts. If more than one wing nut is used, be sure to check the tightness of the first ones installed after tightening the others.