Ford Freestar, Monterey 2004-2006

Connector Pin Identification


This section can be used to look up the location of a particular pin, a Wire Color or a "known good" value of a PCM circuit. To locate the PCM information for a particular vehicle, find the model, correct engine size (with VIN Code) and finally the year of the vehicle.

For example, to look up the PCM terminals for a 1999 Mustang 4.6L VIN W, and find the text string shown below:

In this example, the Fuel Level Indicator circuit is connected to Pin 12 of the 104 Pin Connector by a Yellow/White wire. The value at Hot Idle shown here is the normal value for the fuel level with the tank 1/2 full.

The "All" that appears in the Title of the table indicates the information is for both automatic and manual transmission vehicle applications. FREESTYLE PIN TABLES

Wire Harness Connectors Graphic

Standard Colors and Abbreviations

BRBrownLGLT GreenTNTan
DBDark BlueOROrangeWTWhite
DGDK GreenPKPinkYLYellow

2005-06 Freestar 3.9L VIN 6 & 4.2L Freestar/Monterey VIN 2 (A/T) C175 104-Pin Connector

PCM Pin #Wire ColorCircuit DescriptionValue at Hot Idle
1VT/OGShift solenoid BOn 0.1 DCV
2DB/WHPositive Crankshaft Ventilation heater controlOn 0.1 DCV
3YE/BKDigital Transmission Range (DTR) sensor, TR10 DCV
4---Not Used---
5---Not Used---
6DG/WHTSS Sensor850-900 RPM (80-86 Hz)
7RD/YEVoltage supplied in Start and Run (overload protected)VBAT
9WH/OGManifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor signal--
10---Not Used---
11---Not Used---
12---Not Used---
13VTModule programming signal0.1 DCV
14---Not Used---
15WHHigh speed CAN bus +--
16BKHigh speed CAN bus ---
17GY/OGRX, signalVBAT
18WH/LGTX, signalVBAT
19---Not Used---
20VTGenerator, S, circuit37% / 130 Hz
21BK/PKCKP Sensor +390-450 Hz
22GY/YECKP Sensor -390-450 Hz
23RD/YEVoltage supplied in Start and Run   (overload protected)VBAT
26DB/LGCoil Driver (CD) -- A, ControlVBAT
27OG/YEShift solenoid A, ControlOff VBAT
28LG/VTEngine cooling fan relay, controlOn 0.1 DCV
29---Not Used---
30DB/LGAnti-Theft, indicator, controlVBAT
31YE/LGPower steering pressure switch, signalVBAT/HIGH
32DG/VTKnock Sensor (KS)--
34---Not Used---
35RD/LGHeated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) #12, signalDCV
36TN/LBMass Air Flow (MAF) sensor, signal return---
37OG/BKTransmission Fluid Temperature (TFT) sensor, signal210-110 DEG / 0.5-2 DCV
38YE/LGCylinder head temperature sensor output194 DEG / 0.6-3.7 DCV
39GYIntake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor, signal120-50 DEG / 1.7-3.5 DCV
40DG/YEFuel pump relay, switched output1-100 % / 0.1- VBAT DCV
41BK/YEA/C clutch cycling pressure switch, outputVBAT / ON
42BRIntake Manifold Runner Control (IMRC) module, controlOff VBAT
43RD/OGEngine cooling fan relay, controlOff VBAT
44LG/YEStarter relay circuit, controlDCV
45RD/PKGenerator, I, circuit0-130Hz
46OG/LBEngine cooling fan relay, controlOn 0.1 DCV
47BR/PKEGR Vacuum Regulator (EVR), controlVBAT
48---Not Used---
49LB/BKDigital Transmission Range (DTR) sensor, TR20 DCV
50WH/BKDigital transmission Range (DTR) senor, TR40 DCV
52RD/LBCoil Driver (CD) --B, ControlVBAT
53PK/BKShift Solenoid C, ControlOff VBAT
54RD/LBTorque Converter Clutch (TCC) solenoid, ControlVBAT
55RDVoltage supplied at all times (overload protected)VBAT
56LG/BKEVAP canister purge valve, Control1-10 Hz
57YE/RDKnock Sensor +0 DCV
58---Not Used---
59BR/WHFuel tank pressure transducer reference voltage5 DCV
60GY/LBHeated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) #11, SignalSWITCHING
61VT/LGHeated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) #22DCV
62RD/PKFuel tank pressure transducer sensor, signal0 INCH HO2 / 2.6 DCV
63---Not Used---
64RD/BKDigital Transmission Range (DTR) sensor, TR3APARK / 0 DCV
65BR/LGDifferential Pressure Feedback EGR (DPFE) sensor, signal0.25-1.30 DCV
66---Not Used---
67VT/WHEvaporative Emission (EVAP) canister vent valve, ControlVBAT
68---Not Used---
69PK/YEA/C Clutch relay, Control0.1/On
70---Not Used---

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71RDVoltage supplied in Start and Run (overload protected)VBAT
72---Not Used---
73TN/BKFuel Injector 5, Control3-4 mS
74BR/YEFuel Injector 3, Control3-4 mS
75TNFuel Injector 1, Control3-4 mS
78PK/WHCoil Driver (CD) --C, ControlVBAT
79---Not Used---
80WH/RDFuel Pump, Control3.45 DCV
81WH/YEElectronic Pressure Control (EPC) solenoid, Control15 PSI / 9.2 DCV
82---Not Used---
83WH/LBIdle Air Control (IAC) valve, Control25-35 % / 9.8-11.2 DCV
84DB/YEOutput Shaft Speed (OSS) sensor, Signal0 RPM
85DB/OGCamshaft Position Sensor , Signal5-7 Hz
86TN/RDA/C High pressure cutout input1 DCV
87RD/BKHeated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) #21, SignalSWITCHING
88LB/RDMass Air Flow (MAF) sensor, Signal0.99-1.08 DCV
89GY/WHThrottle Position Sensor (TPS), Signal0.53-1.27 DCV
90BR/WHReference, voltage5 DCV
91GY/RDSignal return---
92---Not Used---
93RD/WHHeated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) #11, HeaterOn 0.1 DCV
94YE/LBHeated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) #21 HeaterOn 0.1 DCV
95WH/BKHeated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) #12, HeaterOn 0.1 DCV
96TN/YEHeated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) #22, HeaterOn 0.1 DCV
97RDVoltage supplied in Start and Run (overload protected)VBAT
98---Not Used---
99LG/OGFuel injector 6, Control3-4 mS
100BR/LBFuel injector 4, Control3-4 mS
101WHFuel injector 2, Control3-4 mS
102---Not Used---
104---Not Used---